About Us

Russell & Milly Turner – Founders

The Orphanage Trust was founded by Russell & Milly Turner. As missionaries, their travels bought them face to face with the poverty & suffering of many. It also gifted them with the opportunity to form relationships with local people passionate about improving the lives of these children. After many years of service within their own community, Russell & Milly started their first orphanage in early 2000.

David & Vicki Turner – Trustees

David & Vicki have three children Isabel, Jakob and Elijah.  They are passionate about the vision of The Orphanage Trust and have worked to promote the trust’s objectives since its inception.

Dave & Jodene Fendall – Trustees 

Dave & Jodene live in Auckland, New Zealand. They have two twin children Leo & Holly.  For many years they have been significant contributors to The Orphanage Trust and strongly support the vision of this entity.