The Orphanage Trust

The Orphanage Trust is a christian charitable trust registered in New Zealand. It was established for the purpose of helping children around the world through the development of orphanages and schools. Currently we support two projects, one in Orissa, India, where we support 60 children living in the orphanage and over 250 children in the school.  We also support an orphanage for 40 children in Burundi, Africa.

It’s our dream that every child on earth is provided with the necessities of life – shelter, food, clothing and an education. We want to create an environment where children in our care are filled with hope, encouraged to pursue their aspirations, where they learn to love and are free to laugh. Our dream seems a long way off, but our journey has begun.

If you share our dream and would like to participate in this journey Click Here to get in touch.  We can discuss ways that you can join us. We have no administration costs, so 100% of any money donated goes directly to the orphanages or schools.

It may be an impossible dream, but we’re going to die trying!